Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Trout Fishing - to move or not to move

This is a topic that all my searches for trout fishing information have never discussed. When is it time to move to a new spot or keep on fishing where you are. the easy answer is if your not hooking trout its time to move on. With that said how do you know if you fished a spot enough, here is my theory. once i have a spot that i want to fish i make 3 casts one at about 45 degrees to the left one straight out and one 45 degrees to the right. this gives you a quick run over your current location and pick up the easy hungry trout, usually the smaller guys then i double up 2 to the left 2 to the center and 2 to the right this entices the older more stubborn trout that will attack your lure or fly because it is being intrusive or bothersome these are generally the bigger trout. lastly i go over again 1 to the left, 1 center and 1 right. if i have not gotten a strike by the time all these casts are made i will move up the pond or river just far enough so that i am still covering water that i covered with my right or left casts from the spot before. If i am catching trout then obviously i will stick around till the trouting cools down.

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