Saturday, November 1, 2008

First memory of troutin'

I will be the first one to say i have a horrible memory for names, but the first memory i have of trout fishing is as clear as if it happened yesterday. I don't remember the year but i do remember both me and my sister were not old enough to stay at home alone. I want to believe it was a Sunday so i will lie and say it was definitely a Sunday, I somehow must have overheard mom and dad planing a fishing trip for the day but to my surprise I was not included in the trip. Instead of going fishing with my parents both me and my sister were going to my grandparents for the day. So of course like any kid that wanted to go somewhere that they had no chance of going, i screamed bloody murder and tried every trick in the book to convince them other wise, but to no avail. So about an hour later both myself and my sister arrive at my pop's house, this was my last chance so i yelled, screamed and cried. while this did not get me included in the days fishing trip it did convince my father to set up a fishing rod for me, it was a Shakespeare combo with closed face reel, as for the hook it was a red devil spinner with the treble hook removed for my safety. Dad took me on the back of pop's where there is a small stream, at the time it seemed huge and would definitely hold a lot of fish for me to catch(when i go there now and look at the river it seems so small about 1 and a half feet across and maybe 3 inches deep). but none the less i was fishing and at last content for the day, i stayed out by the river all day casting a hook less spinner to trout that were never there but that day is one i hope i never forget.

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